Well, Well, Well... P, F, H, R

... if it ain't the ole' absent blogger!

I'm back.  Tossing around the idea of not blogging anymore, but we'll see.  I truly do enjoy writing, and the last decade of my life is on facebook already, so  its not like my family life isn't already all over the net.

Anyways, this post is very picture-heavy - I finally just found the cord that plugs the iphone into the computer.  One of these days I'll learn the whole 'cloud' thing.  One of these days...

Last we spoke about the house... we moved in a few days before Christmas! 

And it has been a beautiful, beautiful new home and I'm definitely feeling like it's 'ours' finally.


We had a gorgeous white Christmas....

me after 4 straight days of non leaving the compound...

I hosted a peg doll saint exchange with some friends from our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd group, the saints turned out so great, and Grace has really taken to them! She is always lining them up and asking me who's who.  The moms who participated were so creative!

Then, with bbbbbitter windchills over a few weeks of January, February... and March - I had cabin fever, they had it worse...

So thanks to an idea from an old volleyball teammate (it was dangerously cold to go outside)we brought it in to them.  I knew after about 5 minutes of watching them play with their trucks and diggers, that the peace and tranquility would only last a short while...


4 huge laundry trashcans of snow into the tub for the kids to play.  Everything seemed to work out great until the indoor snowball fight happened.   The inner clean-mom kinda had a momentary freak-out at the mess I'd be cleaning up, but they really did enjoy it.

And everybody received a sled from Amazon (these are cheap but awesome!! And big enough for adults to ride in, too!).  We played with them inside until it was nice enough to go out. The best part was, I didn't have to drive on an icy road with 3 kids in tote to go hunting through stores to find them - the free 2-day Amazon prime shipping brought them to us, wahoo!  (I seriously doubted my choice to get amazon prime about 6 months ago, but it has been worth its salt this winter! Vitamins! Baby Gear! Sleds! Mittens! Gifts! Books! It has saved me so many trips out in the car.  I am so so thankful for prime - during the winter months especially.   It is a slow road to purgatory trying to get all 3 kids bundled up for a trip in the van, someone always starts undressing themselves before I'm done with the 3rd.

The kids are growing...

 But they still fit in liquor boxes.  That's what really matters.

 And then we finally had one reaaaallly glorious day and I let the kids just go out and rolls in the dirt. I've never seen them so happy to be outside!


 Do you ever stop and look at the world around you, and realize you're witnessing a very tiny miracle?  It's  as if God is saying, 'slow down!'

 I was busy unloading groceries or doing busy work in the kitchen a few weeks ago, and I looked up just in time to catch it.  He was slowwwly pushing himself up to sit up for the first time.
 It was as if he knew it was a big deal.  He was a little wobbly but managed to do it!

Tada! A 7-month old sitting up and smiling, very proud of his hard work.

And lets not leave out that it's been just a short 2 weeks and now he is CRAWLING.  EVERYWHERE.  Nothing is safe anymore... sigh.  He's so sweet and I can't imagine the trouble he'll get into - the kind of trouble you can't get mad at the them for! Oh boy.

That is all for now, hop on over to Auntie Leila and the gang for more...

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  1. The snow in the tub is a fun idea! Here in CA we would never have the chance to try it...but it looks fun. And what a great mom to let them have that snowball fight!



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