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Wow... where have I been?  I've been experimenting in all things domestic, and settling into our new digs.  The past 6 months has flown by with all of the projects that our new house has given us.  A huge blessing and a backbreaking endeavor, to say the least.  I know it will take a while for me to get settled in, but we'll get there eventually.

First... we have grass.  Sort of.  Mostly grass, some crabgrass, some bindweed (ok... a lot of bindweed)... but we put in our yard earlier this spring and its so nice to run and play outside without the mud.  And over the winter months, boy did we have mud.  We did that whole 'do it yourself' thing with our yard and broke our backs for an entire weekend seeding it ourselves... but we're pretty happy with how far we've come.  It's almost overseeding time, so we'll be at it again!

My garden.  It has been wonderful having a garden again this summer.  Although the 'organic matter' we put in might have been a little spicy at first for some plants - I've had tomatoes, cucumbers, butternut squash, parsley, basil like crazy, and the pepper are FINALLY coming back, it's managed to convince me to try my hand at canning this summer.

Cloth diapering.  Do you? What's your favorite cloth brand?  This past spring I realized our double-diaper-duty-budget was being eaten up quicker than I liked, and with my sister having a newborn soon (and hoping to cloth diaper), I tried these and these this spring.  And these.  These ended up being my all-time favorite, for a thousand different reasons, and I probably use them 40-50% of the time now.  I still use some disposable (... I'm a little too practical 'on the go' and don't want to carry around anything soiled).  But when we have long days at home, I don't mind a little extra laundry.  But I do NOT like the poopy diapers...

Breadmaking.  Oh my.  How lovely our house smells when I bake fresh bread. I used to think you had to be a whiz to get the breadmaking thing down, but these recipes were a cinch! My mother said her mom used to bake bread like this, and I have to say, there is nothing quite like fresh warm bread with butter & strawberry jam.  Some favorite recipes... here and here.

Homeschooling. We are! We are about 2 weeks in and its been fun.  Chaotic and crazy managing a 1-year old while the older two work, but I'm figuring it out as I go.  I'll share our little school room with you soon.

Someone turned 1 this summer! This guy.  And he's walking, talking, jabbering like a fool.

I hope to add thoughts to several on these topics in the upcoming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.  Please share your favorites in the above areas, I'd love to hear how you are doing!


7QT: Lentsanity yourself up!

Linking up with Jen and the takers (sounds like an awesome band) today.

1.  It's Lent! I gave you a few updates last night on what's new around here.  If you haven't yet, don't forget to sign up for Lentsanity.  It's an awesome way to remember NOT to eat meat - and more! (now that sounded like an informercial... but seriously, go check it out!).

2.  Her suggestion, it is wonderful.  How does she know my life so well?  A great Lenten challenge for young mothers.

3.  She declared it, and I am e-clapping over here.

On a similar note, Cosmo FINALLY is halfway covered up at Walmart these days! (See the side-jackets that cover the text up? YES!! This model still needed a bit of a hoochguard, and I didn't want to do any extra advertising for her).  Tired of reading that crap, and having my poor SON look over at it! Mercy!  Whenever Augustine happens to see pictures in line like the one I'm covering up, he always says, "Mom, that lady looks cold." (as I'm frantically trying to reverse the magazine cover).

4. My 3.11year old learned how to read his first 2 BOB books a few weeks ago.... that kid needs to slow down! I have to say, watching these, at the suggestion from Lacy, rounded off the difficulty we had remembering some letter sounds.

5.  Our Fat Tuesday King Cake.  It was delicious!  We are definitely going there again next year...

6.  Speaking of Lacy, here's a free Lenten calendar to print off for your kids, an easy DIY crown of thorns,  as well as the Stations of the Cross we made as a family last year!    Also, sign up for the Lenten Adventure through Holy Heroes - your kids will love the short little videos, free coloring pages, and other activities.  Mine loved it last year!

7. Great read.  She nailed it. And another good read, for people like me whose to-do list seemingly continues to get longer, and longer, and longer...

Have a great weekend!


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